Transparency & Accoutability

We need to focus on what is best for Walton County. In doing so, there needs to be transparency and accountability with where out tax dollars are being spent, and who is benefitting from them.

Youth Activities

We need to invest in our youth and their future. Walton County needs a voice that will stand up for our youth and the parents that are trying to protect and build their future.


Walton County is diverse and the local government should reflect that. County wide decisions need to be made by representatives with different backgrounds and ages with RESIDENTS in mind. The Commissioners are elected officials that should be representing all in their district / county, and not just those who donated to their campaigns.


In order to keep up with the population growth and ever-growing tourism, Walton County needs to focus on creating the infrastructure to support them. We need to fix dangerous intersections, crumbling roadways, and water/sewer systems that are no longer sufficient for the community.

Small Business

We need to support small, local businesses of Walton County to allow them to grow to meet the need caused by population growth. Local businesses need to be supported equally, and not based on the "good old boy" network or what favors they will do for a politician. 

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